If there’s anything we have learned from the Instagram age, it’s that commercial flying is for the birds. With a multitude of celebrities posting their cushy private flights, it seems as though the perks of first class are a thing of the past. However, there is a lot more to flying private than many realize. For instance, many are not aware that commercial flight—hopping on an American Airlines flight, for instance, is safer than general aviation.

However, private flight is definitely much more convenient. Allowing travelers to bypass busy airports in favor of those with less traffic, taking a trip on a private jet can be a great idea. For some executives, such as Apple’s Tim Cook, it’s even a necessity. Because of the unique demands of his position as CEO of the huge corporation, Cook is expressly not permitted to even take a commercial flight to his destinations. One of the features of private flight that Cook probably enjoys is the fact that private flyers do not need to go through a security line. At airports such as LAX, cars regularly drop private jet travelers off right next to the planes that will be ferrying them to their next locations. For those who are crunched for time, this can be an excellent time saver. There’s no need to take out your laptop or remove your shoes; just hop on the jet and go!

These days, private flights are no longer a luxury reserved for billionaires. In fact, they have even become downright affordable in some instances. One company, JetSuite, regularly posts deals on its Facebook page, allowing followers to get in on the action and book a flight. Other services like NetJets offer “jet cards,” providing customers with access to private jets at their convenience. The app JetSmarter also offers flyers the ability to find flights with ease.

Another point of pride for private jets is that they are often permitted to reach altitudes of 50,000 feet or higher, allowing them to shuttle passengers above some turbulent pockets of air and to get their precious cargo where they need to go. When weather woes hit, private flights can change their plans at a moment’s notice, allowing them to land at different airports with ease. For those seeking flexibility with their travel plans, there is nothing like private flight.

If you’re interested in buying your own private jet, you can do so for about half a million dollars. Of course, with planes, it’s the ongoing maintenance that usually sets owners back a few pretty pennies. And when something goes wrong, requiring a new part, owners must shell out the big bucks!