Today’s managers are charged with the difficult task of balancing their own responsibilities while managing the work of others. It can be an overwhelming process if you’re not adequately prepared or equipped with the right skills.

However, effective management is extremely important. A recent study found that lack of trust in leadership is the biggest issue impacting workplace performance. Here are a few simple ways you can enhance your management skills and get the most from your important role:

Show Gratitude
Appreciation goes a long ways when it comes to employee satisfaction. Make a special effort to thank your team both publicly and privately for their hard work.

Celebrate Special Occasions
Make efforts to celebrate special occasions with your team. For example, take the time to give a card or gift to each staff member on birthdays and holidays. This personal gesture demonstrates you care and will make your employees feel valued for more than their contributions at work.

Deal with Bad Apples
You’ll also want to establish a culture where toxic employees are not permitted to ruin the productivity of the group. Take steps to communicate how poor teamwork will be handled and make sure you follow-through on any promises.

Talk About Development
Professional growth and development are priorities for most employees. A recent study found that a lack of professional development opportunities can also be costly for the employer. As a manager, it is your responsibility to engage in conversations about growth and make efforts to provide learning opportunities whenever possible.

Admit Wrong
As a manager, your employees will be watching your every move. When you make a mistake, it’s extremely important that you take ownership of the mistake and communicate this to your staff. They’ll appreciate this act of humility and you’ll pave the way for the same behavior.

Communicate Often
As a manager, you want your employees to be in the loop. It’s important that you communicate any decisions made by leadership and make sure your team is prepared to act accordingly.

Focus on Individual Motivation
You’ll want to identify the individual needs of each of your team members. Each person is motivated by different factors, so it’s important that you tailor your feedback and style according to each person’s needs.

Plan Bonding Events
Team bonding is extremely important to a productive workforce. Plan team outings and activities that will allow your employees to socialize and have fun together. This will have a huge impact on morale.

Define Your Team Values
Identifying team values is a great way to set expectations. Make sure you engage your team members in this process, write down any agreements, and regularly broadcast them to the group. This exercise is a great way to find common ground and achieve all your goals.