Productivity is an interesting thing: you can increase the number of working hours or employees, but the rate may still go down. This is a usual trend within most businesses of the country, and many companies decide to change the situation and seek ways to boost productivity. This is especially crucial for startups, as their mistakes lead to more unpleasant results.

Boost Productivity of Your Company

There are at least 7 working ways to increase the productivity rates of your business, no matter whether it’s a startup or a company with experience.

  1. Research and remove the bug.
    Look at the working process and determine factors that make the productivity drop. Then try to remove at least one of them fully, or (even better) replace it with something better. For example, if the factor is quarrels, try to replace them with jokes and humor.
  2. Realize the existence of afternoon doldrums.
    This is a regular thing almost everyone experiences, so don’t leave your employees without a break that will make them work better later. Also, make sure the team avoids energy drinks that are usually only combinations of sugar and caffeine. Drink green tea with them instead to get an energy boost.
  3. Avoid distractions.
    Think of something to make sure your employees don’t play games on their phones instead of working. Also, pay attention to yourself, as you should be the one who creates the right working tone. A good way to achieve that may become some sort of reward at the end of the day or the week. This will make everyone more cheerful and the working mood will be supported.
  4. Follow a healthy regime.
    Be the best example for your employees, see that you don’t have to work till you get to a hospital. It’s possible to boost productivity without burning yourself and your team out. Have healthy snacks at the office to give the team more energy and teach them how to eat healthy, and give them some time to recharge.
  5. Make your business meetings shorter.
    It’s possible to cover most questions in 15 minutes that bosses usually make into at least an hour. You can make a couple of meetings a week, but don’t make them long, as people get bored and tired, which will never boost their productivity.
  6. Learn time management.
    Don’t be all reactive, trying to do the most in the shortest amount of time. Instead, learn time management, and divide large projects into parts that will be done within the day. Realize that a message in your voicemail can wait till the end of the day, and all the emails can wait till you finish the bit of the work you have. Focus on the job and make sure your employees do the same.
  7. Think about your team.
    All these encouraging things really work, but there should be some reward by the end of the month when it’s time to pay to your team. Don’t forget their productivity and make some bonuses and rises in payments. This will make your team work even harder for you and be proud of their work.

All these ways in combination will make your company closer to perfection: the productivity of your team and their attitude to work will rise. Help your employees by giving them a great example, think about them, and eliminate distractions to achieve the best results.