Laser engraving is one of the most powerful decorative techniques available to modern businesses. It is also a rapidly growing industry, so there are plenty of opportunities for businesses to expand into laser engraving or to take advantage of the products that it offers. The biggest benefit that lasers offer over other engraving tools is that they can accurately replicate a design on a huge variety of surfaces, but there are still a few areas where they are especially useful.


Laser engraving can make durable and beautiful signs in a remarkable short period of time. The largest ones are suitable for use outdoors, but many people prefer to use this type of engraving for indoor signs. After all, a laser engraver can create a pattern that is full of detail, and that detail is best appreciated from a short distance away.

Drinking Glasses

Engraving glass with a laser is difficult, but it can be done. Depending on the technique that is used, this can create either a neat, clean image or a unique chipped pattern. The latter option is impossible to emulate through other methods, which makes laser engraved glasses popular in spite of the difficulty of making them.

Key rings

Laser engravers are also perfect for adding a decorative touch to any small, flat surface. Many people engrave decorative tags and attach them to key rings. Some businesses use these tags as a marketing tool by distributing tags with their logo on them, but others sell the tags as souvenirs. Both methods can be valuable to a business, which means there is always plenty of work for people who own and operate laser engravers.


Since laser engravers are uniquely suited for working with wood, many people use them to engrave company names and logos on pencils. The pencils get handed out at events or given to clients as they sign paperwork, which allows them to act as a minor marketing tool. The returns from doing so tend to be fairly small, but the costs are minuscule, so businesses can still come out vastly ahead by engraving a case of pencils.

Storage Units

Chests, filing cabinets, and other storage spaces can also benefit from engraving. They need labels in order to stay organized, but paper labels tend to fade and get lost over time. Engravings are permanent, so they can help keep a storage system organized and make sure that nobody loses valuable time hunting down documents.


It’s possible to engrave a stamp without using a laser, but it takes a huge amount of time and effort. That makes it very expensive, but a laser engraver can dramatically cut down the price. An engraved stamp can be used to quickly put information, such as names or dates, on a huge number of documents, so they can save plenty of time for clerical workers in an office.