Spring is here! It’s time to shed those warm winter clothes and switch over to your spring wardrobe. Are you up to speed on the 2018 spring trends?? If you aren’t, no worries! We’re here to help make your transition from winter blues to springtime fun as painless as possible with these 5 tips.

Fringe, Fringe, and More Fringe
If you haven’t liked fringe in the past, don’t be so quick to shut this seasons styles down. It’s versatile options are nothing short of fun, sassy, and carefree. In fact, fringe is a hot spring design for home décor this season as well!When wearing fringe, simplicity is best. Too much fringe will look like you just walked out of an old western. A fringe top paired with a nice pair of leggings and simple accessories will make for a nice look.

Synthetic Rubber
Remember the rubber clothes of the 90’s? You know, the shiny pants and jackets that everyone wanted? Well, you are going to see rubber clothing again! Only, this time around it promises to be much more chic. Get ready to see rubber clothing, rubber shoes, and rubber accessories! If you like to get daring with your clothing, this may be for you! Just keep in mind, for this look to work moderation is key.

The Fanny Pack Is Back
You asked, and 2018 spring fashion delivered! Many have longed for the days of the fanny pack and it’s convenient storage. As you may have guessed, it will come in many different styles than before! From crossbody, to belt bag, to faux fur, and more. With so many versatile options, sure to find the right style for you. With so many options, it is hard to go wrong with wearing a fanny pack now.

You’re going to be seeing a lot of pastel this spring. These soft colors are very flattering when paired correctly with the rest of the outfit worn. When wearing soft shades of pastel, pairing it with a darker tone top or bottom will help to pull the look together nicely. If you’re wearing a pastel dress, pair it with a bold pair of earrings and neutral shoes.

Puffy Sleeves
The Puffy Statement Sleeves trend is taking over in a nice way. It is said to have been inspired by vintage loving influencers on Instagram. Don’t let this look scare you. This spring 2018 style has a classic, Victorian look that in turn makes it easy to pull off. When paired with simple earrings and a clutch bag, this look can be fierce!