When you’re building your dream home or are adding on to your current property, an architect is one of the most important people you’ll need to hire to complete the project. Architects are responsible for designing the layout of buildings and are considered to be the brains behind the project. When you’re looking for the right architect to hire, there are a few critical questions to ask.

1. What Project Manager Services are Provided?

According to houselogic.com, you’ll want to know the multiple services that are provided by the architect and what he’ll be responsible for during the project. Architects often assist you with hiring a contractor, monitoring the contractor’s work, reviewing all invoices, managing the project, and making design adjustments with each step that is completed. It’s also necessary to ask how much each service costs to determine if you want to forego one of his responsibilities and save more money.

2. Are You Insured?

To protect yourself, you’ll need to ask the professional if they’re insured and what type of insurance policy they have. The insurance that is obtained by the firm will cover the costs of any damages or accidents that occur to ensure that it doesn’t come out of your own pocket. The insurance also covers the costs of medical bills if any of the workers become injured on the job.

3. Do You Have References?

The references that are provided by the architect will reveal if the professional is dependable and reputable, according to curbed.com. Good firms have plenty of references that they can provide, which will allow you to determine if former clients were satisfied with the process and the outcome.

4. What is Your Experience?

Hiring an experienced architect will offer peace of mind due to their level of expertise in the industry. They should be able to explain what sets them apart from other firms and provide you with a portfolio to show off their work.

5. Do They Have Green Design?

Green architects will help you to reduce your carbon footprint with the building project and protect the environment after breaking ground. Ask if they have green design practices or if they implement low or no cost sustainable design strategies. It’s also necessary to ask if their green practices affect the overall cost of the project and if upfront costs exist.

Choosing an architect can take plenty of time and patience but will allow you to find the right professional in the local area by asking specific questions. By understanding the background of the individual and how experienced they are, it’ll be easier to make your decision and move forward with the construction.