The most difficult time for any business is usually the time of its establishment on the market and standing on its feet. One of the craziest pieces of advice from a business coach may seem to be spending about 70% of the whole time on sales. Sure, it’s crazy, as you have so many things to do, and now you need to spend most of your working time selling.

However, is it so bad? By increasing your sales, you create a reputation that will make more customers use your services or buy your goods. You will also have more finances to hire more employees who will be doing all the “many things to do” instead of you. There is pretty much stuff to settle within the “sales” part, so you will have a lot to do, too.

Things to Focus On

    1. Think of larger sources of lead.
      Usually, new businesses rely on personal relationships and connections when it comes to sales. These are good for building your company’s reputation, but there are better ways to increase your sales. Try Facebook or Google advertisements and you will get more attention and more customers.
    2. Generate a proper process of selling.
      Find a way to gain new customers and make them stick with your company. You can do it by providing them with 4 main characteristics of successful sales:

      1. A high-quality main offer.
      2. A process of selling and buying that has no risks.
      3. Bonuses to make the customers come back again.
      4. An urgency that will make people buy right away.
    3. Create an autoresponder system.
      Sometimes it takes even 7 touches to make a lead your customer, as almost all potential buyers often have trust issues when it comes to a new company. An autoresponder would present the offers to the leads, and give you time to implement other important things. The simplest responder is a welcome message for every new lead. Write it the way you stand up as a trustworthy company with lots of customers that are satisfied with the goods or services you provide.
    4. Track the sales rates accurately.
      After you find a way to draw new clients and establish an effective selling system without risks, it’s time to learn to read sales metrics. When you do it, you will be able to see the rises and falls in sales, as well as the points in your system that might need improvement. Here are some indexes you need to track:

      1. The number of leads in a day/week/month.
      2. The cost per lead.
      3. Contact/close rate.
      4. The cost of advertisements.

Achieving the Results

After the course of 4 things to focus on in your sales your contact rate can double at least twice, as well as the sales. You will create a good reputation for the company faster, and if your goods or services are good enough, you will also get lots of good testimonials and reviews of your company.

Make sure you track all the indexes during every stage of your development, so you could improve some things. Cut the cost of your leads every now and then, and the sales index will increase. Develop a system of action to do during every stage of development, and you will build a high successful business faster, get the sales index higher, and the financial revenues more pleasing.