When you think about the importance of signage, you may think about business signage for offices, retail businesses and others. Some schools, such as a privately-owned preschool, may also be viewed as a for-profit business. However, many other schools are not viewed as a type of business that is critically in need of signage. While this may be a commonly-held belief, there are legitimate reasons why signage is important for all types of schools.

Rapid Recognition
Any type of business sign may have the business’s name in a specific font and with customized colors. The logo or mascot is often usually present as well. Just as other businesses need rapid recognition from passersby, schools also need this same level of recognition. After all, the school may receive visitors, deliveries and more. Others need to be able to recognize the school in a split second or even to see the street address to know exactly where they are located as they travel down the street.

Branding the School
Signage is commonly used for branding purposes. Those who pass by the sign regularly may notice that the same logo and other image features are used on other types of marketing for the business. For a school, the log and other details may be shown on sports team uniforms, t-shirts, school vehicles and more. A school is branded to create unity and pride within the student body and staff, and it also is branded to promote its reputation within the community.

Catch the Eye of Prospective Students
Because signage is closely linked with the reputation of the school, it can help to gain the attention of prospective students. Public schools may not need this type of recognition, but colleges, preschools and private schools do. These are examples of schools that may derive a profit from the student body through tuition, fees and more. Keeping enrollment high is important for the overall successful operation of the business.

Direct Traffic
If the school hosts major community events, such as dramatic performances or sporting events, many visitors may flock to the area within a very short period of time. Some schools are also used as polling stations on voting days. This type of traffic may include people who may not otherwise have a reason to look for the school or to visit it. Signage lets visitors know when they have arrived at their intended destination.

As you can see, school signage is important for the profitability of the school, for the student body and even for various members in the community. The ideal school signage will include the school’s name in a customized color and font, and it may also include a logo or an image of a mascot.