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3 Tips for Mixing New Fashion Pieces with Items You Already Own

You want to add some new items to your wardrobe but may be concerned with how well they will look with your existing clothing. The new items are really attractive, and you are worried about pairing them with other garments already hanging in your closet. Some great tips on blending the old with the new could include the following:

Have Your Existing Clothing Dry Cleaned
You don’t want to add those crisp and clean new pieces with your drab and tired older garments. Have your older clothing dry cleaned to refresh and revive them. Pants will look pressed and creased. Dresses and tops will regain some of their old pizzazz. If dry cleaning is not in your budget, try washing and then steam ironing the individual articles, so they look crisp and attractive as well.

Choose a Basic Color Scheme
When blending old and new clothing, it is always best to have some time of color scheme so everything looks great together. Some love a black and white palette, while others swear by a pastel or autumn color scheme. If most of your clothing articles match, you will be able to mix and match items into endless ensembles. You may wish to choose a color scheme for the cooler months and then a totally new one for the summertime. This is especially effective if you live in an area with very distinct climates and seasons.

Add Complementing Accessories
Purchase new accessories to help pull the two types of clothing together. Simple and inexpensive items could include belts, scarves, jewelry, hair accessories, and purses. Again, choose items that fit into your overall color scheme for maximum potential and use. You can extend the usage of your new and old clothing by adding different types of accessories for day usage and then for night wear.

You will be able to enhance and extend your wardrobe with these three simple steps. You will look pulled together and ready for any event or occasion. The next time you go shopping, make a list of your favorite pieces of clothing. Include jeans, dresses, skirts, and tops. As you peruse the stores, specifically look for other clothing items that will bring out the best in your old favorites. Everyone will think that you totally re-did your entire wardrobe, when you actually just got very creative and made the most of basic garments that you already owned.


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